Clint's Comics / Jim Cavanaugh: RIP

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Clint's Comics / Jim Cavanaugh: RIP

Postby Kokon Tozai » Fri May 12, 2017 6:40 pm

Today Jim Cavanaugh, longtime owner of Clint’s Comics was killed during a robbery at the store.

Most of us here are not that much into American comics. Certainly Matt has the most authentic background in that regard. But in another way in this whole marvelous universe of comics, manga, anime, gaming, music and movies I feel like one of us has been taken.

Hearing the news on NPR driving home brought back a flood of memories. I first met Jim when I was at Longview JUCO. He was one of more than a few of the crowd someone termed The South Town Hippies. Much of it was centered at my parents’ house & Jim was a very memorable guy. We were all into Spiderman then & one of the things I remember Jim doing was an amazing vocal interpretation of “BUDDA BUDDA BUDDA” which was one of the texted sound effects of Spiderman doing you know, something. Such a time of excess and fun.

I can’t say we were best buds or stayed in touch. Been to the store once. Renewed acquaintances at a Comic Con several years ago. I think the real coming of age happens after High School when you are freed of your paternal family , sort of, you have enough smarts if not wisdom to try to decide what to do with your future. Jim loved comics & that is the path he chose. Kansas City has lost a great icon of the fannish community today.
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Re: Clint's Comics / Jim Cavanaugh: RIP

Postby ZeroRyoko1974 » Fri May 12, 2017 7:20 pm

Thats pretty sad to hear. I have shopped there from tome to time and remember seeing him
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Re: Clint's Comics / Jim Cavanaugh: RIP

Postby bakamatt » Fri May 12, 2017 7:37 pm

I think I only visited Clint's once; it wasn't convenient for me. But this is a miserable thing to happen under any circumstance.
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Re: Clint's Comics / Jim Cavanaugh: RIP

Postby ca_jas » Mon May 15, 2017 12:39 am

I kind of grew up on Clint's comics so this news was quite a shock. Maybe around when I was 16 I would take a break from my part-time job and visit Recycled Sounds for music and Clint's Comics. Back then he had a lot of random manga and I got my first taste of manwha which still sticks in my memory. Back then Clint's was next door to where they are now (now they are in Recycled Sounds old space). He was never a very nice guy (haha) but as I've gotten older I can understand who he was. I'll have to visit when I'm in town.
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Re: Clint's Comics / Jim Cavanaugh: RIP

Postby Adrick » Tue May 16, 2017 9:29 pm

I have lived in midtown for almost ten years and been shopping with Jim probably seven years before I moved to Kansas City. He had great taste for comics and adult material. He had always surprised me with something I did not know was available for sale. He even had a book on black pin up girls; I did not even know such a thing existed. I got some rare comic treasures from Jim that I have not seen in other comic book stores. He carried some American independent comics as well. Jim knew his business very well. He outcompeted Bebop Comics which opened up shop across the street from his midtown store. Although I was a big fan of Bebop Comics very extensive independent selection which Clints did not carry. I like both stores and hoped for a peaceful coexistence. Bebop could not carry adult material due contract restrictions because a church owned the property and on religious grounds refused to have adult material sold on the property. So Clints was my go to spot for what Bebop could not carry. Frank, the owner of Bebop Comics, attempted to buy Clints but Jim gave him the runaround. The whole ordeal was chronicled in the Pitch Weekly, which is now a monthly magazine. Jim was mostly fair, but had macho almost confrontational disposition. He often bragged about his martial arts training; I found his bragging to be irritating at times. Yet, I got to admit I don't remember him having problems with customers because he was an alpha male type.

I am sad that Jim died so tragically. I am not the least bit surprised that he would pursue a shoplifter. It really shows the power of cowardice that in a hasty escape from a serious beating the coward fatally injured Jim with the escape vehicle. Jim would have caught him and delivered a good beating, but only an Olympic runner could have caught the guy. Jim always sat at the front of the store and watched the store; the thief had a good forty foot head start. That back door stayed locked most of times I shopped there. It was probably left unlocked by an employee of Jim's. Jim almost always had that back door locked. A small oversight caused a calamity.

Jim will be missed. He really knew how to run a comic book store. I wonder if Bebop going to buy his store now? I do not know if Jim had any kids. I think he was unmarried also. I wonder what will become Clints.
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