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BBC Cosplay Article

Postby Kokon Tozai » Sat Jul 11, 2015 3:42 pm

Truly this is the loneliest topic on the forum. Until now not a single post since May 2013.

I ran across an interesting piece from the BBC specifically on female cosplayers and the respect, or mostly the lack thereof, they experience at Comic Con.

The groping, geek cred challenges, & general bullying seem too happen far too often. And I admit I was surprised as I see nothing like that at Nak-Kon. I say it's a given that cosplayers want to be looked at. And you're a female doing someone from an H game you are going to be really looked at. But still I am pleased at the courteous & appreciative interactions I've seen locally at N-K & also MOTAKU. So what's the difference? Why can San Diego Comic Con be so nasty?

I was really impressed by the last picture in the series:


And for a bit I wondered why the BBC was giving so much attention to a comic book pop culture convention in California.
Oh yeah: Doctor Who. Also they seem to be pushing a show I haven't heard of called Orphan Black. There's a pretty cool photo gallery of this & previous years BBC entrants at Comc Con:
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Re: BBC Cosplay Article

Postby bakamatt » Sun Jul 12, 2015 6:02 am

Maybe the only good thing about the way fandoms are Balkanized these days is that we don't get their ugly stuff.

American comic book fandom has, historically, been an almost exclusively male preserve. Understandable, in that depictions of female characters tend to the exploitative and that some comic stores were girl-unfriendly places. I'm unclear how serious the situation actually is, but for a few years now I've been hearing stories that in this, the Age of Internet Creepiness, this "boys only" mentality has resulted in an attitude that cosplaying girls at comic book cons aren't "real fans", they're teases who are only dressing that way for attention and to drive the poor nerds into unfulfilled sexual frenzy.

This has all arisen since I lost touch with American comic fandom, but it's something I've never personally encountered and am sorry to believe in. But the stories aren't going away. I suspect most of the abuse is actually on-line, not in person.

This is ironic in that most skilled cosplayers, and most skilled costumers before them, were women. It's always been one of the fandoms run largely by and for girls. I ended up stuffed into costumes at least twice, simply because a group included a male red-headed character.

Apparently there's a lot of guys-only exclusivity over on the electronic gaming side, too. God knows, Skyrim mods that change the appearance of characters skews wildly exploitative of female characters, and online abuse of girl gamers occasionally turns really threatening.

I'm even hearing rumors that there's a certain amount of discrimination happening in the ultimate bastion of serious sf, the Science Fiction Writers of America (SWFA).

(Perhaps I was lucky. My contacts with various fandoms have always included at least a non-trivial minority of women.)

So all the traditional male only/dominated fandoms are showing signs of having trouble accepting women. Whereas Japanese popular media fandom has hovered around 50% female almost from its inception. Manga were adopted by girls in a way American comic companies could only dream of. And anime has often had lots of strong female characters, even if too many of them wished they could cook as well as save the world. I suspect anyone who tried that "boys only" foolishness anywhere in anime fandom would get his ass kicked for him, on line or in the real world.
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