What Would McGuvyer Do cosplay tips

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What Would McGuvyer Do cosplay tips

Postby ZeroRyoko1974 » Thu Feb 19, 2009 9:11 am

Saw this on the Funimation blog....

Well not exactly but what I?m trying to say is that sometimes at a con when cosplaying unexpected things can come up you may need to deal with or fix last minute. When this occurs who better to channel for inspiration and sage like advice than Richard Dean Anderson, a.k.a: MacGyver. A dude so tough they made an action figure of him. In Italy.
So here are a few cosplay situations you may encounter and how best to deal with them when the bomb drops.

? Situation: Going on stage in 10 minutes and the strap to my dress just broke!
WWMD: Use dental floss to fix a strap on a costume in an emergency. A lot of hotel front desks have some they give out for free!
? Situation: I finished my Sei costume from Burst Angel this morning and I have a photo shoot I need to head to ASAP! Unfortunately in the rush the top is a bit ?looser? than planned.
WWMD: Always pack with you some toupee tape- you can use this to avoid wardrobe malfunctions or make an emergency fix on a hem. In a pinch, you can use any double-sided tape, but be careful putting it on your skin! Best bet is to carry a couple strips of the real thing with you.
? Situation: I just woke up from a well-needed afternoon nap to join my cosplay group. I just looked in the mirror and yuck!
WWMD: A tiny bit of plain, non-minty Chap Stick smoothed under the eyes can help fix makeup and make you not look as tired after an all-nighter. Seriously, stay away from the minty kind, it stings!
? Situation: I?ve been in costume for six hours now and Masquerade is still later tonight. Walking around the floor has killed my feet and I don?t want it to get any worse!
WWMD: Smearing antiperspirant on your ankles/toes helps prevent blisters from walking around the dealers? room in your awesome cosplay boots all day. If you get lucky, the front desk at the hotel will have this for you too!
? Situation: I ate a good portion of potato chips today wile playing DDR in the game room. I noticed after dinner I had a new friend on my face that needs to go away before a cosplay meet up tomorrow!
WWMD: Got a pimple the night before you wear that sweet new costume and you forgot your acne cream? Check the front desk again, because a little non-gel toothpaste on that bugger should dry it right up by morning.
? Situation: The convention floor has been packed and the friction of just walking around is making my wig go nutz!
WWMD: Pack a dryer sheet in with your cosplay stuff and keep it on you in the halls. Rubbing it on wigs calms the static, making them easier to brush! Works on skirts and pants too!
Thank you to our own MacGyver (she knows who she is) for all the wonderful suggestions
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Postby bakamatt » Thu Feb 19, 2009 3:32 pm

What, nothing about smearing Vaseline on your teeth to make sure your lips glide over them when you smile?

Having been involved with several costume groups in my youth, including some big ones (Zelazny's Amber, the X-Men plus the New Mutants [I was Arcade]), I can certainly testify that last-minute disasters are the norm. These are wonderful hints.
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