Children who Chase Lost Voices

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Children who Chase Lost Voices

Postby ZeroRyoko1974 » Thu Nov 15, 2012 9:32 pm

So, I just got this on Blu Rei. Let me just say, it is not a bad film, it is very good. But I really got the feeling when watching it that he was trying to hard to make it like a Studio Ghibli film. The main character is an independent middle school girl who unwittingly gets dragged into a grand adventure to the magical underground land of Mononoke Hime, or someplace like that. With her on her journey is
Spoiler: show
a substitute teacher/member of a secret organization
who wants eternal life, I mean to learn the alchemy to resurrect his mother, I mean to
Spoiler: show
have his dead wife brought back to life
. The land has magical creatures, unfriendly locals, a God that turns into a flying boat, and other fantastical stuff. If you like Ghibli films you will like this film well enough. It's very different then what Shinkai has done before. Still looks very pretty. Shinkai is still a master at doing really beautiful background scenery. Maybe this film was his notice to Ghibli that he could take over for Miazaki whenever he decides to retire. Maybe it is that there is such high expectations for anything Shinkai does, but I was a little disappointed by this film. I would score the movie as an 8, but it was probably closer to a 7 then a 9 (I gave 5cm/sec a 9, but it was closer to 10 then 9). The story was probably only worth a 6, but the beatiful artwork bumps it up a couple of points.
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Re: Children who Chase Lost Voices

Postby Kokon Tozai » Fri Nov 16, 2012 8:22 am

Your note interested me enough to check out the trailer on Youtube:

Based on the trailer & your comments I would definetly give this film a try. And you are are right: very much Miazaki style. For me Ghibli films are just a bit to mellow & mild..... looks like this one has some interesting action.

And I love your evaluation/scoring descriptions.
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