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Master of Martial Hearts

Postby ZeroRyoko1974 » Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:15 pm

5 episode ova. My review
yeah, that about covers it. Anyway, for those who want more information... It's a 5 ep ova about a girl that becomes involved in a fighting tournament with only girls. Clothes explode with any punch or kick like Ikkutusen. Sounds hot, but the animation is so plain and ugly looking (looks like something late 90's or something when digital animation was just being practiced). Completely uninteresting characters, and a final episode that is so WTF why did they go there. Complete waste of time, you might laugh a bit at first, but that is only good for an episode or two. I think maybe copious amounts of alchohol might make it more watchable, but I think that won't help with the last episode and ending
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