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Ghost Hunt

Postby Borgon » Sun Aug 16, 2009 7:31 am

Well I just wrapped up watching the Ghost Hunt series. I have to admit before buying this series I bounced back and forth on it. It's been my experience that this type of series in Anime is either very good or very bad, never really seems to be a middle ground, atleast not in my rather limited experience in the Anime field. After bouncing back and forth for abit I decided to give it a flier, mostly due to 25% off for the series on top of the normal 20-25% off.

When watching the first disc, especially the first 4 episodes, I got that sinking feeling that this series was going to fall very flat in the horror genre and I almost gave up on the series. to be honest the first 3 or 4 episodes on the first disc struck me as being like the Ghost Stories Anime series but without the humor and cute factor. The good news is the last 20 episodes really picked up the pace and the eerie factor with the next to the last story arc being in my opinion the best. There are I believe 6 or 7 story arcs in the series, with each arc being 3-4 episodes in length and each arc is pretty much self contained, building off of the other arcs but you could watch any of the arcs and pick up pretty quickly on what the groups built around.

One of the things about the series is i love the opening and closing credits, I seldom comment on them because generally in Anime they don't really "fit" the story often times, in this case the opening and closing credits and music perfectly fit the concepet of the stories behind them.

I won't Present much of a spoiler but to say if you like suspense horror genre I'd give this a B to B+, if it wasn't for the weakness of the first arc I'd probably give the story an A for it's Genre. It's kind of like Ghost Busters Meets the Twilight zone but without the gadgets and comedy.

For those that don't like Blood or Ghouls and Zombies I wouldn't recommend watching, especially the last 2 story arcs. It's not over the top violence, infact it's rather subtle but it's abit and there's not alot of it, but they make exceptional use of it when they do use it. and that in part is what makes the stories so effective, instead of bashing you over the head with violence till your numb and showing blood flowing till it has the emotional effect of a glass of water sitting on a table, the limited use of both violence and blood makes it all the more effective to the story when they use it.

In some ways the series kind of reminds me of the Scooby doo but without the cute animal, and humor but with some blood and some people actually dying. But the stories in this case are handled as mysteries to be solved and seldom do they tip their hand till the end, but if you were paying attention through the arc of each story you can go back and see the clues to lead in the right direction, some more subtle than others, of course the final conclusion is beyond what the actual clues indicate but the clues do put you into the right overall position and I suspect if better associated with Japanese Mythology might have even brought the conclusion's closer to what happened.

I wouldn't rank it as a top 10 of my favorite Anime, but i think I would put it in the top 3 or so for it's Genre, atleast of what I've watched thus far.
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