Draft Sake

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Draft Sake

Postby Kokon Tozai » Fri May 30, 2014 9:09 pm

I admit I like the occasional bottle (or two) of sake. Sometimes it’s a coke, a beer & sometimes nothing but sake will fulfill. I also admit that unlike wine or even beer I have little discriminating taste for sake/nihonshu. It usually seems rather bland & hard to find a preference. About the only thing I’ve learned is much will satisfy except the unfiltered lumpy sake (what is the proper name for that?)

A few weeks ago at Lucas Liquors I ran across a type of sake entirely new to me (maybe not you). It was Gekkeikan Draft Sake. Gekkeikan is the brewer, not the sake grade, but draft really caught my eye. What is draft sake? Also called nama sake. I didn’t know but I had great visions of going to Barley’s & asking for sake. The waitress said “bottle or draft?” Oh, make it draft! Then the bartender pulls a huge great lever & out comes delicious draft sake into my 32oz pitcher.

I have to say that this draft sake was a refreshing surprise & tastier than I have ever had before. From the Gekkeikan website (http://www.gekkeikan-sake.com/) they say:
There are two pasteurization processes during the manufacture of regular Sake; after it is squeezed and just before the bottling. “NAMA SAKE” (Draft Sake) is not pasteurized; it goes through an ultra micro-filtering process before bottling. “Nama Sake” (Draft Sake) has a fresh and fruity flavor because of this process.

Indeed! It tastes like regular sake amped up. More flavor more intensity but does not taste like the overpowering & generally awful plum wine. This stuff has real flavor & I will try again. I’d like anyone who gives this a go to reply & let me know what you think of it. Oh not too pricey, about $15. And worth it. My only languishing complaint might be that sake just doesn’t have that much of a kick. But really now. Could fortified port sake be far behind?

I strongly prefer objective A/B comparisons whenever possible. Because of that I am offering a picture clearly showing the difference between a bottle of this sake both before and after consumption
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Re: Draft Sake

Postby Tsunami3k » Fri May 30, 2014 10:53 pm

Sake but with more intensity!? Sounds like a winner. A friend who works at Sprint has to travel to/from Japan a lot smuggled back a batch of "sparkling" sake. I didn't get to try any but he definitely seems enamored with it.
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