White Haired Witch

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White Haired Witch

Postby bakamatt » Mon May 18, 2015 8:35 am

Watched this high-budget wuxia on Netflix yesterday. It got a lot of bad reviews, but a lot of the complaints seemed to me like the offences that every HK movie commit: it's hard to keep track of the factions, etc. I'll agree it runs kind of slow at times, but I didn't begrudge the time spent watching it. There's some really neat imagery, some wirework, some CG, some fun fight choreography, and some intriguing architecture. And many attractive Asian people, of both sexes.

Rita was speculating that their standards of attractiveness are becoming somewhat Westernized. I guess I wouldn't be surprised.

Tsui Hark consulted in some capacity, I think on the visuals. That guy's been around forever.

I guess at some point Chinese censorship has been relaxed: it's actually got people kissing in it.
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