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Postby bakamatt » Wed Apr 29, 2009 5:49 pm

Vol. 1 of the manga is out. I'm well pleased.

We open with a fold-out of Yoko. Then, on the first page, Yoko. Then some other characters, I forget...

Okay. Sorry. Volume 1 is a middlin' slavish adaptation of the first three episodes in five manga chapters. Mind you, I don't mean "slavish" in any uncomplimentary way. An adaptation can go one of three ways: 1) slavish adaptation - if you like the original, you might like more of the same in another medium. 2) Experiment with something original in an attempt to bring new content to the franchise; sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. If they'd tried and succeeded here, I'd have been pleased but if they'd tried and failed it would have been a bummer. 3) Come flying out of right field (shouldn't that be "into right field"?) with some completely inappropriate style because the editor was an idiot or the artist/author was cheap.

In this case, I'm perfectly happy with choice 1. The characters talk and act like the characters, and they look like generic manga versions of themselves. The reader can mostly tell what's going on - manga can get so damn cluttered sometimes. There's an effervescent energy to this version, too, and some visual humor, of which my drop dead favorite is page 45, where Yoko's bust overflows into the adjacent panel.

I do wonder how accessible the manga would be to someone who hadn't seen the anime, but I don't imagine that'll be a problem for very many people.

I've got real reservations how well the project will sustain as we move into the grimmer later sequences and increasingly unrestrained battles; so did the editor, according to his afterward commentary. I guess we'll see. For now, I'm happy as a clam.
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