Welcome to ASK-C! and Forum Rules

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Welcome to ASK-C! and Forum Rules

Postby Wiggle » Tue Aug 12, 2003 8:11 pm

Welcome to ASK-C, the Anime Society of Kansas City! We're a Real Life club with regular meetings in the Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas area. ASK-C has a diverse and growing membership, headed by a committee of 4 active members: Wiggle, Zared, Phoenix and Bakamatt.

We usually meet about once month. All gatherings are organized here in the News and Discussion forum. Check back often to keep in touch and find out about new meetings.

A few things to note:
* ASK-C does not support bootlegs, fansubs, Hong Kong DVDs or other unofficial versions of anime licensed in the U.S. (check the Grand High License List). Individual members are free to do what they want, however.
* For legal reasons, we do not allow members to post links to illegal material of any kind, including but not limited to BitTorrents, digital fansubs, hacks and warez.
* We take no position on hentai, but please be aware that we may have members under 18.
* Please check this Guidelines Thread for more.

Please read the forum rules and FAQ and abide by them. Otherwise, welcome to the board and have fun!

Edit: Edited to include standards that hadn't been written in before.
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