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Postby Greggo » Wed Mar 26, 2008 8:51 pm

Tsunami3k wrote: So have you just retired from producing con game shows or from con going altogether?

I think if I were to do another con it would need to be something on a college campus or something like the 21+ Providence convention. As I read more and more convention reports that talk about how badly the attendees trashed the con hotel, etc., I just get the feeling more and more that the average congoing attendee is not someone I want to be around. You had the occasional potted plant/love seat in the elevator gag six or seven years ago, but nothing at the level I've seen these days where it seems like the kiddos feel it's their duty to vandalize and terrorize.

(Probably because I'd say a large percentage of con attendees aren't even there for the anime fandom aspect of it, they just want to party.)

For me these days, anime is more something I like to enjoy alone or with a small group of like-minded individuals. So I guess I'd have to say no, I don't think I'd do another con. Naka-con sounded fun, though. Wasn't Kyle Hebert a guest there this year? He's a longtime vet on my game shows; he was the announcer for Anime Price is Right back at Tekkoshocon '06 for me and he has appeared on several of my Anime Match Game panels.

(Apologies if the young lady who does Anime Match Game at the Wichita con is on this forum. =P)
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Postby Lensman » Sat Apr 19, 2008 10:43 am


My real name is David Sooby. I live in Kansas City, Kansas; out north of the Kansas Speedway.

I'm a member of the Kansas City Science Fiction & Fantasy Society, which meets the 3rd Saturday of (almost) every month. Here's our website:

I joined this forum to learn more about Anime, and also to promote my club's free Anime festival which we'll be putting on in July. See discussion thread here: ... php?t=1950

My other hobbies include reading-- mainly science fiction-- and woodworking.
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Postby Borgon » Sat Jun 07, 2008 7:16 pm

I've beenapproved as an account for awhile, but new to posting.
I'm Ron, otherwise known as Borgie, Borgon, LordyB, or Lord Borgon during my long Internet and pre-internet BBS days (yes I'm old enough to remember seeing a 2 megabyte harddrive for 500.00 and thinking how on earth would I ever use that much memory!).
I'm a 47 year old single, self proclaimed geek living north of the river who recently, within the last 2 years or so, discovered anime was more than saturday morning kids shows :) and have since become an avid fan of Anime on DVD. Not really into Manga at this point, but mostly due to a stubborn refusal to give into bifocals, I don't want to admit I'm getting old lol.

I'm a gamer, used to play Dungeons and Dragons and other pen and paper games, currently playing online Vanguard, World of Warcraft, Star Wars Galaxies and occasionally still log into my old girlfriend Everquest (told you I was a geek).

I love animation of all sorts, got hooked into Anime off of adult swim as I would be watching Futurama and that would lead into Ghost in the Shell and at the time Neon Genisis. I was hooked as I got involved in the characters and story lines.

I don't really seperate forms of animation when it comes down to it.
I'm a huge Futurama fan, Old Warner Brothers cartoon fan, as far as the Anime Genere's i really find I enjoy most forms of it, but not really into Hentai...nothing prudish in the viewpoint, just not really seen any worthwhile character developement or storylines.

My favorite Anime's, to cover just a few. Ghost in the Shell, Neon Genesis, Galaxy Angels (original series, A, and Z, havent' seen the others yet), Ai Yori Aoshi, Armitage III, Bubble Gum Crisis, Tokyo 2040, Desert Punk, Excel Saga, Full Metal Panic, Fushigi Yugi, Gilgamesh, Last Exile, Love Hina, Madlax, My-Hime, Noir, your under arrest, 5 Centimeters per second, Spirit of Wonder, Voices of a distant Star, Akira, Jin-Roh, Millenium Actress, and the list goes on and on and on.

would love to meet new people and maybe do some viewings at some point, I have a nice setup but unfortunately only room for about 4 or maybe 5 people, six if everyones cozy.
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