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Postby Fushgi » Fri Dec 18, 2009 8:28 pm

Hello everyone,
I watch all sorts of anime, some of my favs are:
Full Metal Panic
Rorouni Kenshin
Shura no Toki

I have read a lot of Manga there are so many that I can not start to name favs...lol

Love video games of pretty much anything short of first person shooters, like the games but I die a lot..lol

Big into computers (built my own) and kite flying (no not the old single line kites). I fly 2 line and 4 line kites, some can lift you off the ground.
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Postby Tsunami3k » Fri Dec 18, 2009 9:24 pm

I've seen all of your favorites except Shura no Toki but since it neighbors such solid pics I should make it a point to watch that as well [fyi, I say that a lot but I'm mostly talk ;-)].

Ah yes. I was really into those years ago...before I could afford one. :oops: I'll bet parafoils have really evolved a lot since I last looked at them. I do have a little pocket parafoil that's kinda fun to take out every once in a bit. So by multi-line shall I presume that you have stunt kites then?

I'm kind of stunted on console games but I enjoy PC games (I build my own boxes too), if a bit less than I used to.

Thanks for the intro. Hopefully I'll see you around the boards and meetups. Welcome!
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Postby Fushgi » Fri Dec 18, 2009 11:11 pm

yeah I have a few stunt kites, but I perfer power kites I have one 2 like nasa power wing that can lift 300 lbs off the ground at about 15 MPH and slide you around at 10 mph. and I have a 40 sq.ft four line foil that is just insane...lol

I play both console and PC. I have PS3 and WII. I used to play FFXI a lot for about 7 years, played WoW and was a beta tester for Warhammer online. When my PS3 is working I love to play Madden.
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